Qnet Scam Complaints are illegitimate

QNET scam reports are carefully crafted but fake

Why QNET scam stories should be given a miss

Today’s fast-paced, high-pressured and stressful lifestyle has caused a number of adults and children to become obese, lazy and afraid to try anything new. One of the worst fears for any parent is having an active, imaginative and happy child, trapped in a fat, round and heavy body. Getting your child off the couch and away from the television should be any parent’s number one priority. Sports should be part of any healthy child’s life as it offers a variety of different life lessons and benefits. These activities are important and should be a part of your child’s life as it has multi-disciplinary benefits. QNET has joined the global rally for the inclusion of Squash in the 2020 Olympic bid. This project has put an end to all QNET scam reports.

The World Squash Federation’s (WSF) campaign to ensure the IOC inclusion of Squash at the 2020 Olympics, has received global support. It rocketed to new heights recently with the pledge from Hong Kong-based direct selling enterprise. As part of the global campaign, every spectator at the recent Hong Kong Open Squash tournament was given a ‘Back the 2020 Squash Olympics Bid’ t-shirt sponsored by this network marketing company. With a base of six million customers and independent distributors around the world, this company is all geared up to extend support to this programme.

The event is spearheaded by women’s player, Nicol David, who also defended her Hong Kong title, winning the 2012 tournament for the eighth successive time, after beating her French opponent Camille Serme in the women’s final. Nicol, who has topped the world rankings since 2006, took the time during this competition to reiterate the importance of Squash as a key element of the 2020 Games. Helping to lead the way, as one of the sport’s top supporters for the WSF’s bid for squash to be included in the 2020 Olympics, Nicol said, “I’d gladly give up my 6 world titles for one Olympic Gold.”

“World Squash was delighted when they learnt that the women’s world number one, Nicol David, had agreed to wear the very attractive QNET World Squash 2020 Back the Bid T-shirt during the event, we couldn’t have picked a better role model.” said Heather Deayton, Vice President of the World Squash Federation.

Mr Richard Zinkiewicz, this company’s Director for International Operations is thrilled that this Asian direct selling giant has backed the bid, further highlighting his enthusiasm for the sport and the cause. This excitement clearly shows the inaccuracy of information on QNET scam articles.

This multilevel marketing company has also recently organised a two-day national feeding programme for several hundred people in Egypt, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan. The Ramadan Bags Convoy is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that reflects its core philosophy of RYTHM or Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Through the Ramadan Bags Convoy project, this network marketing company, a global leader in the field of direct selling, with a strong presence in Egypt, aims to provide food for the underprivileged to break their fast.

“It is our way of helping to provide those who have little, with the opportunity to prepare traditional breakfast for their families once the sun goes down. Also, our customers joined hands with us to make this project even more meaningful,” said Mr Zaheer Merchant, speaking on behalf of the company. Such welfare activities points out how reports on QNET scam fail to present a complete picture of the company.


Song writing competition overshadows false QNET scam claims

One of the most prominent network marketing companies in Asia, QNET is celebrating its 15th year of existence this year. This company will be celebrating its anniversary with great fanfare. While the occasion is a joyous moment for all networking marketers associated with the company from across the world, the company executives inspired the employees to be a huge part of the celebration by asking them to participate in the company’s theme song competition.

The competition attracted a large number of participants from across the globe. The Independent Representatives, who are part of the company’s worldwide family, grabbed the opportunity to express their creative skills and composed inspiring songsone of which is slated to be the 15th Anniversary theme song of thisdirect selling company. The come-online for the competition reads, ‘Through the winning song, we want to inspire, motivate, encourage, touch hearts and change live. It could be your song.’ Indeed motivated the Independent Representatives. Amidst the celebration, it would be noteworthy to see the significance of the event itself; 15 years in the industry and of serving the people speaks volumes about credibility and reliability of the company. The celebration is marked as a fitting reply to the critics who created the false QNET scam saga.

The song writing competition organised by this Asian networking marketing giant inspired the song writing aspirants to look for tunes, musical inspirations, expand the creative limitations and come-up with attractive lyrics and compose melodies.The song chosen as the winning song will be declared as the official theme song of the company.. The person who will be declared as the winner of the song writing competition will be felicitated with a personalised gleaming trophy that will be signed by the founders of the company. The winner will also take away the prize money of USD 5000.

The owners of this network marketing company have set definite criteria for the participants, which are:

  • The composition must be 100% original.
  • The theme song should convey positive message about the services of the company and it must also reflect how the company is dedicated to serve the customers worldwide.
  • The composition must be submitted to the company through e-mail along with the personal details of the applicant, title of the song, the English translation of the song (if the song is written in language other than English), and a mock recording of the performance.

The competition was open to all; any Independent representative associated with the company irrespective of their location was eligible to take part in the competition. While the competition was open to all, the company made it very clear that the participants must be aware of the terms and conditions. To ensure that the competition is held fair and square, this direct selling company will be appointing a special panel of expert judges who will screen the selected finalists and declare the final winner.

Thus, the company’s effort to motivate the Independent Representatives is a clear indication that the company cares about them. The company’s 15th year celebration will certainly put an end to all the QNET scam claims.

Revolutionary products wipe out deceptive QNET scam stories

In the industry of network marketing, several companies have etched a unique position for themselves. QNET is an organisation that has touched people’s lives with its various initiatives. At this company, corporate social responsibility has gone beyond the normal conventions. Its efforts are not restricted to a particular region. It has uplifted lifestyles across the globe and has spread smiles. This has been possible because of this company’s heart beat, RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind). Because of such drives, the company has been successful in bringing about economic development that has worked wonders for local communities and the society, too.

Initiatives taken up by RYTHM Foundation, focus on the fact that this company is ambitious about accomplishments but simultaneously it is also reaching out to different strata of the society and contributing goodwill. There is a lot more to QNET’s success than what is visible to the eye. This company has been responsible for providing nourishing food and education to the poorer sections of the society. Children can grow up to be successful individuals and lead a happy life.  For instance, the Independent Representatives spent a day with children in the deprived area of Bon Kai.

The company certainly widened smiles by providing them with nutritious food and played games with them. These children are aged between three to eight years. Events and Project Coordinator, Napasorn Palawasu says, “There are many impoverished areas in Bangkok however we chose Bon Kai because it was the only one we contacted that wanted support for their children’s development instead of just food and games.”

The company believes in making a worthwhile contribution that can aid in the progress of children. Cabinets were given to the kindergarten. This is certainly a meaningful contribution.

This network marketing company has always been passionate towards such causes and does not show any kind of a hesitation. It is known for its several ideologies. For example, the company has promoted vegetarianism over the years. It believes in the sanctity of life. The company advocates a healthy style of living and this is evident with its unique range of products that has enhanced lifestyles all across the globe. QNET’s success has been possible because this company has proven itself to be an organisation with a difference. Such factors make the company stand out amongst its contemporaries.

There is a deep thought that has gone in advocating vegetarianism to the world. Our environment is facing a threat from problems such as global warming. The idea is to inform people about animal cruelty as well. This ideology also creates awareness on the impact of meat production to the environment, key processes like water and energy conservation, etc. The company is of the opinion that a vegetarian nutrition will provide stability to the environment. This will also ensure that the threat of ecological damage reduces to a great extent. The company believes in the implementation of their philosophies and principles. Vegetarian meals are served in all the corporate events organised by them.

To know why QNET is one of the Asia’s Fastest Growing Direct Selling Company, visit http://www.businessforhome.org/2013/08/qnet-fast-growing-asian-direct-selling-company/

QNET scam rumours are a result of misconception

Direct Selling has become gradually popular in the past decade. Many companies have embraced this form of marketing fast rather than relying on the traditional supply chain model, saving a lot of money for themselves as well as for the consumer. Unlike the traditional model, direct selling is a very transparent method as 3.

This Asian direct selling power-house has been performing direct selling from its very genesis and has perfected the process in this time. The independent representatives of the company perform these sales in a face to face manner with the consumer. This is very beneficial to the consumer as he or she can get authorised information about the products as well as get the product at a lower price. The IRs is rewarded by the company based on a prefixed model for helping the company market its product. I wonder how people cannot understand such a simple model and raise rumours like QNET scam over the Internet. The IRs has to abide to a code of conduct towards a fair partnership with the customers. They are also taught to use legitimate and honest means for networking for getting new customers. It often, but not always, uses multilevel marketing over single level marketing. Though direct selling and multilevel marketing are repeatedly used as synonyms, they are not one and the same thing. Multilevel marketing is only an aspect of direct selling and not direct selling all together.

May of the people who are prejudiced like QNET scam are so because of the confusion between MLM and sham pyramid selling companies. This is one of the few companies that have got MLM and direct selling right. People of several countries over the world have been a judge of that, as this Asian direct selling giant has made a global footprint in its business. The company has managed to generate a huge loyal customer base all over the world and recruit millions of people. Unlike other companies, QNET has a wide range of products in many kinds of consumer markets. This helps the IRs by not restricting them to a single type of product, which would lead to saturation. With maintaining its presence in international market, the company has also always aimed to keep the standards of their products as high as possible. Many of the products are certified by international institutions in respective fields and are assured to provide the consumers with what’s best for them. It’s really a shame seeing people make up rumours about such a great company.

Physio Radiance sends QuestNet scam rumours into oblivion

It is a horror to wake up to skin which has lost its glow and looks as dull as ever. We may try out a myriad of options on our skin, but these might only increase the possibility of further damages—deteriorating the quality of our skin and making it prone to other harmful consequences. Fortunately, QuestNet has come to our rescue by introducing us to the delights of Physio Radiance. The sure shot success of this product has led to the decrease of fake stories about this network marketing company.

The human body has a unique way of functioning. It has the ability to self-regulate, self-generate and self-repair. These capabilities have been utilised in Physio Radiance, which rejuvenates skin without exposing it to any form of side effect. Unlike products that offer artificial solutions, this commodity delivers a reliable result.  It can also be used by everyone without limitations. The idea is that in spite of our physical differences all of us share the same physiological functions. This product enhances the glow of one’s skin and reduces ageing signs.

With the positive effects of this product it can be said that QuestNet scam stories are completely phoney and are meant only to deceive people. They aim to deprive people of the use of an effective and a reliable product, and are best ignored.

QuestNet was formed in 1998, and has since traversed an eventful journey into the hearts of all their Independent Representatives, and customers. This network marketing company has always employed cutting edge technology in the design of their products. Most of the companies dealing with skin care products boast about negative hydrogen playing a key role in their products. However, it has been found that the contact of negative hydrogen with water neutralizes its effect so that the product cannot give the desired result. This has been taken care of in Physio Radiance, which uses micro encapsulation to protect negative hydrogen in small hydrophobic balls. When a person presses the pump mechanism meant for this product, these balls are crushed and negative hydrogen is released just before the product is applied to the skin. The bottle is airless, so it is protected from factors like bacteria and fungi.   This product with its top-end formula is of highest standard when it comes to hypoallergenic skin care. Its wide use is a testament to our enhanced standard of living, where people are able to avoid medical expenses and the burnt holes in their wallets by opting to use products such as QuestNet’s Physio Radiance.

QNET scam stories hit a low point after Ms Donna Imson’s stupendous impact

The corporate world is full of self-made men and women, who have strived hard to attain the success that they enjoy today. It has not been an easy journey. The world of network marketing has witnessed the rise of many individuals. The success story that struck a chord with me was that of Ms Donna Imson. She is the Executive Chairperson of this network marketing company. Her conviction in her dream accelerated her pace towards her destination. As a result, she touched the lives of millions with her inspiring speeches. Her accomplishments have proven the untrue nature of QNET scam stories. She has been a symbol of hope for all the women.

From being the mother of three to occupying such a high profile position in this top network marketing company, she has been a true role model. She has been successful in increasing the success graph of this company, which caters to the needs and requirements of millions of people all across the globe. Under her leadership, this organisation rose to a great height. This was evident with the increase in the number of people signing up to be Independent Representatives. The conviction of the leaders of this company show the twisted motives behind fake QNET scam articles.

Her deep rooted interest in philanthropy led to some wonderful initiatives, which enhanced the lives of many people. She supported the foundation for autistic children and many other causes. She is a worldwide role model and her actions have benefitted people on a large scale. Such feats provide a whole new perspective to write-ups on the supposed QNET scam. She has been successful in inspiring women entrepreneurs. With grit and determination, Ms Imson has strengthened her position in the world of network marketing.

She is an eloquent speaker and has created an impact with the spoken word. Her belief in her dream propelled her to the topmost position. To those who say that a successful profession cannot be pursued in this field, I can cite the example of Ms Imson, who has created a revolution of sorts. This network marketing company has believed in innovation and so has Ms Imson. She continues to surprise us with her endearing nature and fearless attitude. She has played a significant role in changing the conventional ideas that have been a part of people’s ideology. In a field dominated by men, she has held her footing and she has successfully revolutionised the world of network marketing.

She has done praiseworthy work for women. She has played an impactful part in the conceptualisation of ‘I’m alive’ program, which focuses on enhancing the stature of women in the industry of direct selling. Her thoughts about the positive aspects of women are quite interesting. She says, “Appreciate ourselves, our femininity, and inherent strengths: women are great collaborators, communicators, and connectors. Plus we tend to be better at relating to others.”

She has set a phenomenal example for all the women. She is a prominent figure in the world of multilevel marketing industry.

QuestNet complaint do not bring to fore the efficacy of their unique products

Network marketing companies are known to retail products and services that are avant-garde and efficacious. The world of internet is flooded with fake articles like QuestNet complaint, which are based on illogical and untrue statements. They do not highlight the success of this network marketing company’s offerings. They present half baked statements that do not have the foundation of verisimilitude and accuracy. I happened to read an interesting write-up on holiday packages offered by this MLM Company and it immediately caught my attention.

I have wanted to take a holiday, but it is a task to plan out all the intricate details. After leading a hectic life, you simply wish to be offered a perfect vacation, without taking the pains of organising the specifics and technicalities. This network marketing company offers you attractive opportunities to take a sojourn into lands unknown and reward yourself with a vital break. If you read a QuestNet complaint, you will not come across a single true statement. The declarations made in these are completely hollow.

The ultimate leave is simply a click away. All you need to do is use QVI Points. It is a holiday redemption product. On using it, you can get an access to the website, which will allow you to customise your vacation. You can choose your dream destination and date, and use these redemption points. You will receive an instant confirmation. Due to this product, planning holidays has become an easy task. Additional points can be purchased from the Repeat estore. Such kinds of products have highlighted a different perspective to any QuestNet complaint.

Another task is to select the destination. It can be quite confusing, because the world is a beautiful place. The best aspect is that after entering the portal, you are exposed to nearly 140,000 lavish destinations and accommodations. You can enjoy a serene holiday by booking a villa too. Some of the destinations are quite popular amongst tourists. Caribbean Islands are a hot spot locale and these points offer alluring deals and schemes for some breath taking properties in the Caribbean. It is an experience that you would not like to miss.

Another favourite is Reykjavik in Iceland. In spite of being a small town, it is preferred by travellers. You can also take a trip to the Golden Circle from this island and enjoy the sight of magnificent glaciers, waterfalls, canyons etc…Use the points and log on to the website to plan this exciting holiday. Art lovers can enjoy the display of exquisite artistry and treat their taste buds to some local delicacies. This network marketing company has silenced all their detractors with a successful array of offerings. People have embraced their products and this is evident with their increasing customer base of 6 million people. They continue to enrich the lives of all their Independent Representatives and customers with such type of special products. After 14 years of being in this industry, they have broadened the grins and the frowns have completely vanished.

Why you should not pay heed to false stories like QuestNet scam?

Multilevel marketing has certainly stretched beyond the conventional horizon and set forth new trends. A network marketing company like QuestNet has been in this field for a significant span of 14 years. Through their innovations, they have shaped new trends that have changed the face of multilevel marketing and the way it was perceived by people. The well-deserved addition of technology has revamped the traditional idea of multilevel marketing.

The novelty of this multilevel marketing company lies in its business model. It uses the platform of electronic commerce and the potential of network marketing; people are given a potential filled opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial talents. In times of financial crisis, people have benefitted from their ‘recession proof’ openings and are certainly a step closer to attaining their goals and targets. They have also introduced a change in the way business is conducted by Independent Representatives. Through the advent of different business tools, IRs can enhance their performance and accomplish their goals too. After reading about their various innovations, I am assured that rumours like QuestNet scam are untrue and their purpose is to mislead people about the potential of this field and this network marketing company.

This network marketing company’s journey has become bigger; this is evident with their impressive list of accomplishments. The global footprint of this multilevel marketing company has created an impact. The founder of this network marketing organisation, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran was featured in ‘Malaysia’s 50 richest.’ He has occupied the 25th position in this list and this is an exemplary achievement. This is a grand accomplishment as this is a popular global business magazine. His vision has led this network marketing company to this phenomenal success. Such recognitions are not a first for him. In February, HIS Royal Highness, Sultan Ahmed Shah of Pahang bestowed the royal honour of SSAP, which contains the title of ‘Dato Sri.’ This is another exceptional feat that has elevated the popularity of this network marketing company.  Due to the successful efforts of the entire team of this MLM Company, they have truly earned the title of being known as pioneers in direct selling. Their work has given a boost to dipping economies and they have substantially made a contribution to the well-being of society in unique ways. Fallacious stories like QuestNet Scam cannot shake the foundation of their legitimacy.

Another factor that has worked in the favour of this network marketing company is their heart-warming community experience. Browse through their social media pages, and you will understand the community that they have built in an impactful span of 14 years.  The power of social media has highlighted the legitimacy of this network marketing company. Through their pages, they inform their supporters about the various events that take place in this buzzing field. They also create awareness about new product lines that are sure to set a perfect curve on all their loyalists’ faces. This network marketing company has certainly set about a wave of change. It has changed theconventional perception towards the idea of marketing.

Company Milestones put to rest QuestNet complaint rumors

Network marketing has seen the rise and decline of many companies. But, one of them has survived it all. Its resilience has been witnessed by the world. ‘Veteran’ would be the word I would use to describe QuestNet. The company has been doing exceptional work since its inception in 1998. It has catered to the needs of people all across the globe with their impressive range of products. They have given people an opportunity to try out a recession proof business plan. It is an opportunity to awaken the entrepreneur within them. The company has offices in nearly thirty countries! Wow! This is quite a number. In Singapore, the company’s participation in two major events cemented its position in the network marketing industry.

This multilevel marketing company played an important role in the 35th anniversary celebratory dinner of Direct Selling Association of Singapore. The company has been given accreditation by this association. Director for Corporate Affairs of the entire group, Mr. Zaheer Merchant is the association’s Honorary Treasurer. QuestNet’s team was entrusted with the task of compiling a commemorative anniversary book. It outlined the work of the association and their journey till this precious moment. The event highlighted the transformation the direct selling industry has undergone. Its contribution to the thriving economy of Singapore was also brought to the fore. Contribution to such auspicious events adds to the credibility and authenticity of this network marketing company’s work. It further proves the inaccuracy of articles revolving around QuestNet complaint.

Appreciation of Mr Benjamin Tan’s efforts to revolutionize the industry and the network marketing company was the highlight. He served as the Ex-Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore. He contributed tremendously as a founding member too. Apart from these roles, he was a consultant to the company’s office in Singapore. His valuable advice has helped the network marketing company in its journey towards success. He has witnessed different changes in the MLM industry for a commendable period of 20 years. The company was involved in the 40th anniversary gala dinner of the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE). QuestNet was one of the three major sponsors. The logo of the company was shining on the backdrop of the stage and various other places around the venue. The company has made noteworthy contributions to the progress of network marketing. Detractors must check their facts before circulating articles like QuestNet complaint.

Reading about such events and affairs brings out the company’s never ending efforts to leave a strong impact on the society. It is one of the network marketing companies that have held a rock steady presence of 14 years. It continues to thrill people with their fascinating products and unique services. The team should definitely give themselves a pat on their shoulders for their ground-breaking work. Their undying commitment to their ideals and philosophies is admirable.  The company’s presence in such events strengthens its legitimacy. It is truly a “consumer-centric organization.”

QNET complaints no match to QNET Innovations!

If you think that Network Marketing is a very tedious profession and traditional in its outlook, you need to think again! The next statement will change the way you view Network Marketing. Most Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing companies today have embraced the delights of technology. A perfect manifestation of this statement is the global network marketing company, QNET. It has redefined the way people perceived multi-level marketing over the years. I must say that this network marketing company is on a roll! They have increased their list of accomplishments at a very rapid pace and continue to do so.

The network marketing company has introduced an innovative form of ePayment system for its Independent Representatives. IRs can gain access to the payment portal any time and manage their commissions with ease. They can check their account balance, transfer funds to their bank accounts and even review their transaction history. In a very secure manner, Independent Representatives can successfully manage their finances. The introduction of such a system contributes to the decrease in the number of false write-ups like QNET complaints.

Another interesting development in QNET is the mobile version of the payment portal which has been recently introduced to its Independent Representatives. The inception of smart phones has augmented the convenience level for everyone. Add to this trend the idea of banking and you have concocted the delightful combination of mobile banking. The network marketing company has used this exciting trend and IRs are all smiles! This is evident in their reactions, which have been recorded on the company’s blog page. Here are some of their comments:  “You are the best!!!!!!!!!”, “A true business way, it is changing the networking way”, “It is fantastic: always looking for ways to improve the business and the tools for us (IRs).” In front of such comments, QNET complaints don’t seem to hold any kind of validity.

Mobile banking is a big trend! Research has stated that by 2013, number of mobile banking users will increase to 530 million! This is a huge growth and will certainly lead to some positive changes. It will definitely work in favor of this network marketing company. They have also ensured that Independent Representatives will not face any difficulty while accessing this innovative system. The procedure is quite easy to follow. On the web browser of your smart phone, type www.qashout.com/smart and you can enjoy the hassle-free access to your money. Another exciting part is that ‘The Qashout Mobile App’ will soon be launched in various eStores.

I have only described a few innovations, there are many more! Over the years, the company has sailed through various phases and established a good reputation. They have built a strong league of 6 million customers, which is quite an achievement! Their ideologies and strong value system have played an important role in their success. Top notch products provided by the company have a lot to do with their triumph. Their merchandise has raised the standard of living for many people and they have definitely sold a better life! Visit their pages on various social media platforms and you will understand the impact of their work.

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